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Platinum SEO Services is a premier internet marketing company providing Dallas SEO services as well as a wealth of additional services to clients both locally and across the US. Our goal is to continually over-deliver to each and every client we work with. We are a team of SEO experts, web design wizards, social media master-minds, and online reputation management specialists. With over 15 years experience we have developed a system that insures the success of our clients.

While no SEO consultant can “guarantee” specific rankings, we have successfully ranked clients across virtually every market imaginable from highly competitive markets such as insurance, real estate, and lawyers, to local businesses, to both national and internationally focused businesses.

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John Buchanan

John Buchanan

SEO Expert / Head Honcho / Web Wizard

John Has been marketing online since 1998. In that time he's seen search engines rise and search engines fall. He's been handling SEO since before most people had websites.

If you've ever wondered why there are no real courses in SEO in a regular school, it's because SEO is constantly changing. If you tried to create a course on it, that course would be obsolete by the time it was designed.

SEO and the Web move fast, you need someone on your side that moves faster, has been around, and understands what it takes to succeed long-term....you need John.