Increase Your Leads

We drive new qualified leads to help you grow your business. Through effective search engine optimization we drive high quality targeted traffic to your website. High quality traffic means highly converting leads.

Increase Revenue

Sit back and let us drive new customers looking for your goods and services increasing your bottom line. Increased revenue is what it’s all about. We bring you the traffic and leads, you convert them to customers.

Increase Exposure

Our proprietary methods will get your business ranking at the top of the search results for the phrases your potential customers are using insuring increased exposure for your business.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

With over 15 years in the SEO industry, Platinum SEO Services has the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with top tier service. We are true SEO experts, and while we may be based in Dallas, we have been the Houston SEO Company of choice for many businesses. Whether your a locally targeted business or national, we can get your website ranking at the top of the Google and other search engines.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Let us setup your PPC campaign properly. Our knowledgeable staff can either create your campaign from scratch or optimize your current campaign to insure that you are targeting the widest range of relevant phrases while still getting a great ROI. No more throwing money down the drain!

Local Search Optimization (Maps SEO)

If you’re a local business, local search optimization is crucial to your success. Our local SEO experts insure that your listing shows up prominently in Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc. for your local specific terms. We also insure that your listing dominates for any searches that trigger local business listings in the standard search engines.

Reputation Management

Have issues with negative reviews online? Need to get more positive reviews? With the vast number of potential places for customers to post reviews online, it’s imperative that you have experts working to protect your businesses online reputation.

Web Design

From updating your current design, to developing a new site from scratch our web development experts can give your business the website it needs to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Our web design team works with all the latest technologies and will not only insure your site is accessible and optimized for both desktop and mobile users, but also properly optimized for the search engines as well.

Social Media

Having a strong social medial presence is becoming more and more critical. Our social media experts can setup all your businesses profiles across the major social media outlets, teach you how to use them, and even create posts for them…all to help you engage with your customers and increase your brand awareness.

Why Choose Us as Your Houston SEO Company?

It seems simple enough. Increase rankings on Google and major search engines and more people will visit your site. In theory it is simple. For the average Texas business owner, not knowing much about search engine optimization and how it works is hurting your site. Step in a professional Houston SEO firm to do the work for you. Allow our team of experts to take care of your site’s seo issues. These are a few simple strategies which are used in internet marketing, which will help your site outrank competitors locally, nationally, and globally.

1. Keyword strategy –
You sell shoes on your site. Is it really as simple as adding the words: sneakers, running, sandals, or thong slippers on your site 100 times. No it isn’t. If you simply do this Google will punish your site due to over-optimizing. At Platinum SEO Services our team will do all necessary keyword research for you. SEO professionals understand how keyword placement works. We do relevant keyword research to learn what is trending in your niche. We know algorithm Google is currently using so your site doesn’t get hit for having too many keywords.

Yes keyword placement and choosing the right words is important. But it is not as simple as throwing keywords related to shoes on your homepage. Professional search engine optimization companies understand this and are constantly doing research to ensure they properly optimize your site. We work so you will outrank your competitors in the shoe business or any other niche.

2. Content is king –
An original site with unique content still reigns king. Originality refers to any duplicate content which is found on other URL sites. This is something you have to avoid as a business owner. SEO companies use the right tools to check content prior to posting it. Doing this avoids infringement laws from being broken and it also avoids the potential that Google will ding your site because of duplicate content. The right company will work in original and unique content which is of utmost value to your site visitors. Not only will this keep them coming back it ensures your site is always at the top of the rankings for the great content it produces.

3. On site optimization –
Title tags are still relevant today. But the meta description has greatly lost value in today’s world of SEO. Should you go with long or short-tailed keywords? Is there a mix or is it a fine line when it comes to deciding which keywords to add? These are the questions an seo team can answer for you. We will do the research and will continually keep up with new changes to algorithms so your site remains relevant. Google algorithms change regularly. As a business owner you probably don’t have time to keep up with, nor do you want to keep up with the formulas used. A firm which specializes in search engine optimization will do the work for you.

4. Load speed –
Have you ever visited a site where it took 30 seconds for images to load and words to appear? It is annoying. Imagine how site visitors feel if this is what happens on your page. In reality a majority of them won’t stick around for the full 30 seconds. A Houston SEO company will not only optimize load speeds but will develop mobile sites for your business as well. This is extremely important today if you want your site to outrank competitors. Most business owners don’t even know what load speeds mean or how they are calculated. So how would they understand what changes have to be made to increase the speeds? A team of professionals working in this field will know how to optimize speed. We can create cohesive content, unique pages for your visitors, and content which loads quickly so visitors don’t grow restless.

Sure, it seems simple enough, but why are so many sites still getting it wrong? From new web promotions to load speeds we will do it all. We will properly optimize keywords to create a site which is a leader in any niche industry. As a business owner hiring an seo company to work on your site is smart practice. But, only if you hire the best. Allow our team at Platinum SEO Services to build and maintain your site’s content for you. We can take care of the technical details so you can focus on running a successful business.

5. Off-Page Promotion
You’ve created great content…you’ve optimized your site to a tee…targeted the perfect keywords and have the load time lightning quick. Guess what. None of that truly matters if no one actually KNOWS about your site. If no outside sites link to yours how will anyone ever find your wonderful site? This is where most site owners fail and where many SEO Companies leave their customers hanging. Without proper off-page promotion to build social buzz and inbound links to your site you’ll never rank for even marginally competitive phrases.

That’s where a true Houston SEO expert comes in. Understanding exactly what the search engines are looking for and making sure ALL of it is done properly. And that is why you want to work with us. With over 15 years in the SEO industry we are true experts. We live, eat, and breath SEO and have done so since before Google was a word. So give us a call today and let’s see what we can do for you.